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Why Hook Padel?

Because you want the best value for your money.

Each Hook Padel Racket is designed by specialists with long experience in the game and in the development of Padel Rackets.

Javier Arenzana was 5 times Padel Champion in Spain and Mariano Amat is the current trainer of the Nr1 team in the world, Lebron & Galan.

Playing with Hook Padel, is liking it!

The Hook Padel rackets are very playable and give a lot of control. As they are made of the best, latest materials, they are very durable.

Every racket has its own characteristics and the feeling is personal.

The combination of the form (Round, Hybrid, Diamand), the foam (high or medium density) and the face (the density of the glass and carbon) make that Hook has a complete range to fit every players wishes and level.


Every Hook Padel racket is made from the best quality. That is why our rackets start at 135€.

The price difference between the different models is due to the components and the labor cost. More then 80% of the construction of a padel racket is manual labour.

Hook Padel rackets are Premium Quality but priced mid market.

Prices are correct and stable. There is no artificial uplift to give promotions all year round.

HookedonPadel is the only distributor for Belgium.

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