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Hook specifications

All Hook Padel Rackets have following important qualitative specifications in common:
A strong 100% Carbon Frame to create a certain stiffness in the racket for durability but also for accuracy and control.
Quality EVA Foam to create different touch and feel through the different models
Intelligent adaptation of the positioning and diameter of the holes to increase playability and balance, depending on the shape of the racket

100% Carbon Frame.png
Black Eva.png
Balances Holes.png

Carbon provides greater stiffness and strength. Within the framework, it gives an improvement in the general sensations of the racket, both at a professional level and for beginners. It avoids large deformations, and improves the behavior of the blade making it more precise and reducing vibrations.

The blade core is made of high-density EVA rubber. Very high hitting power and medium control. The composition of the BLACK EVA gives a high memory to the material, maintaining the same recovery and rebound parameters over time.

Taking into account the distribution and diameter of the holes, Hook increases the resistance of the blade core and provides a notable improvement in its aerodynamics, placing the balance of the blade in the desired area.

Racket Surface specifications

Fiber Glass 100%.png

With maximum comfort and  great durability, fiber manages to increase the reactivity of the blades without sacrificing control.

3K Carbon Fibre.png

Under the fiber, a layer of 3K Carbon is placed to make the face more resistant and manage the softness/hardness of the racket.

12K Carbon Fibre.png

Braided carbon fiber that provides, with slightly less weight, more rigidity and maximum power and resistance.

Specific Hook characteristics

Bandje padel.png
Platinum Control.png
Organic Fibers Antivibration.png
Shock absorber.png
Senso Touch relief control.png
Oversized surface.png
3D Solid Technology Diffuser.png

Ease to use, comfortable  upgraded cord, adjustable to every wrist with embroidered Hook Logo.

Central area free of holes that gives greater ball output and precision in hitting along with greater durability in performance.

The grip has a fabric that dampens vibrations and prevents them from being transmitted to the hand, also providing a comfortable grip sensation.

Structural design finished in a piece of rubber that reduces vibrations and increases the stability of the racket.

Embossed geometric pattern of great durability that increases the contact time of the ball with the surface of the racket in order to increase the effects in the hit.

Hitting area enlarged to the maximum that maximizes performance during the game while minimizing errors.

The specific curvature of the 3D SOLID TECHNOLOGY DIFFUSER causes the air to move faster, offering less resistance that transforms into faster and more agile movements.

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