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We are convinced that 'Playing a Hook Padel Racket' is our best publicity.

You'll love it and you will feel much more comfortable on the court.

But which rackets suits best your actual and future level of play?

The best way to find out is to test them all.

And we can help you with that!

We will come with our complete range and explain you the difference in shape and softness of the Hook Padel rackets. You will be able to judge by yourselves.

We will ask you some questions to see which rackets could suit you best and you can try as many and as often as you want.

Our experience learns that a test really makes the difference and that people do adapt their choice for the best.

Just book a court at your home club and find some friends interested in discovering Hook Padel.

We will come to you and give you the opportunity to test all the rackets. 

No obligation to buy.


Send us an email and we will contact you.

Thanks for submitting!
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