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Struggling with a Tennis elbow?

If you suffer or have a risk of developing a tennis elbow, the choice of your racket is very important.


We can assist you with some recommendations:


Carbon frame: a 100% carbon frame reduces vibrations. All Hook rackets are made of a 100% Carbon frame.


Weight: the heavier a racket weighs, the more the arm has to compensate, overloading the elbow. The optimal weight for women is between 355 & 365 gr and for men between 360 & 370gr. All Hook rackets weight between 360 & 370gr.


Racket form: it is recommended to go for a Round or Hybrid model as the balance and optimal hitting area is closer to the hand and thus reduces the weight.

We would less advice playing with a Diamond shaped racket if you struggle with a tennis elbow.


Some rackets have specific characteristics that reduce vibrations like a shock absorber or special grip. See the HOOK Racket Overview table for following symbols:

Shock absorber.png
Organic Fibers Antivibration.png

We strongly recommend the Rbmat Attack or Rbmat Control. These rackets have 3 specific shock absorbers that are very effective: one below the hitting area, one above the grip and one in the grip.

We have several testimonials from people who have tried everything else and now are very satisfied with their switch to the Rbmat.

It is a blessing to be able to play pain free again!

Contact us for more info.

Testimonial Stijn Fransen (P500)


After years of tennis, I was also tempted to start with padel. Unfortunately, I was struck by a ‘tennis elbow’. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I tried everything to cure it: kine, acupuncture, bracelet. Nothing helped and I was forced to stop playing padel.

Until a friend of mine advised me to try the ‘Hook rackets’.

I played a tournament with the RBmat Control and I was delighted to be able to play pain free.

So for everybody suffering with a tennis elbow, try it and convince yourself!



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