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About us

Hooked or addicted …

Defintely ‘Hooked on’ in the sense of enjoying Padel so much that we can’t stop.

As many of us, we stumbled into paddle and we were hooked immediately. Stopping our ‘Start to Tennis’-classes and fully committing to this new, exciting sport.


We try to play everywhere we can. As we were in Madrid last year, we took the opportunity to take some lessons and we discovered this new racket brand, HOOK Padel. We were astonished about the quality and the playability of the racket, at a very affordable price.


We contacted the creators and listened to their philosophy and expertise. We were convinced that we need Hook Padel in Belgium; an honest, qualitative Premium Brand at a correct price.


And so ‘’ was born.


We strive to be a Belgian distributor, bringing quality rackets closer to every kind of player and fitting everybody’s level with the right material.


Feel free to contact us for any question, remark or suggestion!

Tia, Dré, Luc & Matt


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